TAZEWELL, Tenn. (WBIR) - Employees of a Tazewell tire shop got some recognition they didn't expect when someone spotted them paying their respects to a funeral procession Tuesday morning.

Channel 10 viewer Ernie Barker saw the Porter's Tire Store workers standing on the curb as the procession went by and posted to Facebook about it because he felt they deserved "a little shout out."

"I have no idea if they knew the person or not, but nonetheless they sat down their work and stepped out to the curb in a gesture of respect," Barker wrote in the post.

After his post was up for a few minutes, Barker's friends commented on it saying the local tire shop does the same thing every time a procession goes by.

"Upon further investigation, this is something they do for every procession that passes their business," Barker said.

The store told Channel 10 that the rumors are true! They said they try to make it outside to do that every time they can!