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President Trump speaks in Nashville at 'Make America Great Again' rally

People came from all across Tennessee and the south to see him speak, many standing outside in the rain to get inside.

President Donald Trump was in Nashville Tuesday for a 'Make America Great Again' rally.

Thousands of people gathered inside the Nashville Civic Auditorium to hear the President's message.

He spoke for about an hour at the campaign style rally. The crowd often erupted into cheers as the President went over his accomplishments in his first year and a half in office.

People came from all across Tennessee and the south to see him speak, many standing outside in the rain to get inside.

"This is the best president we've had in my lifetime since Reagan," said Trump supporter Bonnie Burchett.

She drove from Kentucky and waited more than seven hours for the rally to start. Her 'Make America Great Again' hat blended right in with a sea of red caps that filled the street before the rally.

"I like to be with fellow Trump supporters. Fellow Americans, we get together and support each other," she said.

The president was in Nashville for a fundraiser to support senate candidate Marsha Blackburn. Volunteers with her campaign say the president's support is crucial.

"The reason there is so much enthusiasm here is because President Trump stands with the people. Marsha knows that and she is going to support the America-first policies," said Blackburn supporter Jared Griffin.

As a handful of protestors aimed to have their voices heard, police filled the streets. Dozens were on duty to make sure everyone stayed safe and everything stayed peaceful.

"I just think it's a great experience. Why pass up going to see the President? It's a once in a lifetime experience," said Tyler Blackman, a Trump supporter.

This was the President's third time in Tennessee since taking office. He left right after the rally and is already on his way back to the White House.

Democratic candidate Phil Bredesen says Blackburn is welcome to have President Trump campaign on her behalf but he has no plans to bring in a big name to rally for him.

Trump had some opinions on Bredesen and he made them clear.

He also mentioned Bob Corker and was greeted with 'boos'.

Following the rally, Mexico's President tweeted a response to Trump claiming he would make Mexico pay for the wall.

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