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Women's March in Knoxville draws over a thousand people, chants echo through downtown

This Women's March was a part of the hundreds of rallies that roared across the United States this weekend.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Rooted in frustration over the United States Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, pro-abortion access supporters rallied through the weekend.

In East Tennessee, several organizations hosted small rallies. On Saturday, pro-choice organizers hosted a rally in Morristown. A little over 40 people showed up, and they were met with about five counter-protesters.

Then, on Sunday, downtown Knoxville echoed with chants for choice. Over a thousand people showed up. This Women's March was a part of the hundreds of rallies that roared across the United States this weekend.

"I'm extremely excited and humbled to see people that are screaming at the top of their lungs for this cause," said Cristen Williams. She participated in the Women's March on Sunday.

Protesters chanted "my body, my choice" throughout downtown.

Parking garages were overflowing with cars. In part because of the Pro-Road National Championships, but also largely due to the big turnout for the Women's March.

"It's an outrageous amount of people who truly care and want to support other human beings and just care about their rights as people," said Seth Crawford, another protester at Sunday's march.

Signs at the rally read things like "Ban off our bodies," "Not your body, not your decision," and "Reproductive Rights are Human Rights."

"We need to be able to speak out as well for our rights over our bodies, and not just be keyboard warriors," Willaims said.

Crawford said this issue of abortion can affect everyone with a uterus.

"I'm a trans-man," Crawford said. "So, I do have a uterus, so it does affect me. If something ever happened, if I were to get raped, and I had to have a baby and you know, that wasn't something I would want."

"It means our futures, that means our kid's futures, all of that is entailed in this one decision," Williams said.

Even though people on the pro-abortion access side of the debate showed up on Market Square, people's perspectives on Roe v. Wade are split.

10News asked viewers to leave voice mails on Friday with opinions on the landmark decision.

Many people left voicemails representing the anti-abortion side.

"Oh, yes. I'm absolutely happy that it got reversed. Those babies need a chance to live," said Peggy from Pigeon Forge.

Another viewer, Keith Linville says he doesn't see what the big deal is after the Supreme Court's decision.

"All the Supreme Court has said is let's send it back to the States. So, that the people can talk and decide what to do about this issue. It's simple as that," Linville said.

Linville added, that he doesn't think abortion is a right spelled out in the constitution, and people should decide on a state-by-state basis.

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