A building proposal for Neyland Stadium renovations includes recommendations to build infrastructure for potential alcohol sales.

Currently, suite holders can provide their own alcoholic drinks, but alcohol is not allowed or sold in the stadium.

The University of Tennessee is a dry campus. School policy says, "University regulations prohibit all student organizations from serving or permitting the consumption, possession, or display of any alcoholic beverage or containers at any time, or by anyone on university premises."

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Proposed Neyland Stadium changes include potential for alcohol sales
According to a building plan, proposed Neyland Stadium rennovations include building infrastructure that would facilitate alcohol sales.

Since this fall, a university task force has been reviewing the campus alcohol policy. According to its website, the task force will ask for public input this spring semester.

The building proposal acknowledges UT is a dry campus, and in the meeting notes section of the plan it says, "the expectation is for this to change over the next several years. S2O recommends providing utilities and power for future bars and refrigeration."

The proposal discusses beer sales in cans or on draft and some "slushy drinks."

A UT Athletics spokesperson told 10News Neyland right now does not have the infrastructure to support alcohol sales, so if in the future alcohol sales are allowed, these renovations would make sure Neyland would be prepared for it. The spokesperson added the next step in the renovation plan is to find a construction manager.

Charlie Morgan has been going to Neyland Stadium since 1967 and said he believes it's a good idea if it brings in more revenue.

"We got to get the revenue up," Morgan said. "Now with that said, you got to police it. Especially on the student side ... There's no difference in having it in the boxes upstairs or the suites upstairs or having an individual buy it downstairs. No difference."