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Rare deer with patchy white coat spotted in Grainger County

Piebaldism is a rare genetic mutation in deer that can make their coats have white patches.
Credit: Jared Smith of Grainger County

GRAINGER COUNTY, Tenn. — Here's a cool photo! This deer with a patchy white coat was spotted by a viewer in Grainger County.

You'd be forgiven for thinking its an albino deer but this deer actually has a genetic mutation called "piebaldism."

Credit: Jared Smith of Grainger County

According to the TWRA, piebaldism is a rare genetic anomaly found in whitetail deer. While not as rare as albinism, piebaldism can include a range of symptoms including patches of white fur and even dwarfism.

Deer born with milder symptoms of piebaldism can generally live normal lives but deer with more severe cases can have problems like crooked legs and arched spines. 

TWRA says that according to some reports, less than 2 percent of deer are piebalds.