After a deadly year for pedestrians and bicyclists, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is making an effort to bring change in 2016.

Tennessee officials recorded more deaths in 2015 than in any other year in the past two decades. Numbers from late December show 120 pedestrians and bicyclists died---compared to 93 deaths in 2014.

"It's unusual that we do work them, so when we see that it is very alarming, something's going on that we need to be looking at," said THP Lieutenant Stacey Heatherly.

With the New Year bringing another bike crash on Alcoa highway this week, local cyclists believe there couldn't be a better time to begin this conversation.

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Kelly Hamm at Echelon Bikes in Farragut spends every day surrounded by a hobby he loves.

"I've been riding road bikes on the road for more than twenty years," said Hamm.

But 13 years ago, his passion turned into a life-threatening situation.

"I guess she saw a lot of traffic coming and figured she would run the stop sign," Hamm explains, "As I was getting hit, and was coming across I saw the woman's face she was still looking to her left to make her turn but her daughter was in the front seat and was like 'Ahhh!"

Education and awareness will be a top priority for the agency this year, and a responsibility for both parties.

"We have some that are fault of the driver, some that are fault of the pedestrian," said Lt. Heatherly.

Hamm suggests safety options for cyclists, like avoiding busy roads during rush hour and making sure you are seen.

"The bright colored jerseys and jackets and helmets and things are a big, big deal for motorcyclists and bicyclists to be seen, they help a lot," said Hamm.

Eager to see changes on a state and local level, he hopes the statistics won't scare anyone away from the sport.

"More and more people are riding for their health and to enjoy beautiful place that we live in, and they shouldn't have to just accept that if somebody runs over them, or chooses not to pay attention or maliciously chooses to run them off the road that that's okay, because that's not okay."