A busy part of North Knoxville is set to see major changes. Residents are developing a plan called the North Broadway Corridor.

It stretches from Fifth Avenue to Interstate 640.

They're concentrating on boosting walkability and safety near the Kroger.

"People get tired of Wendy's everyday, of McDonald's everyday, and they want to try something different," said owner of Time Out Deli, Charlie Mubarak.

Mubarak is building something he says will be different on North Broadway in Knoxville.

"We have a big selection, so that gives them more choices to choose from," said Mubarak.

The menu will be long at his new restaurant, Time Out Deli. If the name sounds familiar it's because he's run similar delis in the past.

"The hoagies, the Philly cheesesteak subs, the Reubens, the cheeseburgers—the Vol burgers," said Mubarak. "It's going to be a big selection."

He and his son Eddie as well as grandson Charlie are waiting patiently for construction to finish in an area of town that's hungry for a change.

"We are excited and waiting for the deadline really," said Mubarak. "Hopefully, it will be helpful for the community and this area, and convenient for a lot of people around here."

Time Out Deli is just the beginning of a change that could be huge for Broadway.

"It's a mixed corridor," said Leslie Fawaz, Studio Design Director at the East Tennessee Community Design Center. "It's got a lot of residential directly feeding into all this commercial use."

Fawaz helped envision a plan for the area.

"There's tons of potential for those businesses and to make a pedestrian friendly, attractive area for Knoxville," said Fawaz.

Residents went to the design center for help because they wanted a safer and better looking area around Cecil Road and Broadway.

"A potential is a bridge across or like at Tyson Park could you go under Broadway and access the Greenway to get to the shopping plaza," said Fawaz.

The Design Center drew up crosswalk ideas and parking plazas, with a focus on landscaping and lighting, plus the possibility of easier transportation access.

"So you could have five bus stops, which are currently on Broadway, possibly located within the parking lot of the shopping center," said Fawaz.

Now, it's up to residents to show support.

"If the community backs it, it can happen," said Fawaz. "It's just a matter of getting it on the city's budget list."

Time Out Deli plans to open at the beginning of October.

Residents say some city council members have seen the plans, and they'll continue to meet with business owners to grow the area.