After going more than a week with no water, residents of English Mountain in Sevier County are now reporting brown water that smells like sewage coming out of their faucets.

Broken wells and pipes forced the East Sevier County Utility District to shut off water to more than 250 customers last month.

The state issued a boil water notice for the area that expired early this week.

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"You never know if you're going to have water or not have water, that's what we're fed up on," Patricia Rogers, an English Mountain resident, said. "Yesterday it was dirty and dingy. But now today it's cleared up."

Residents are planning to file a petition to ask the ESCUD to find a long term solution for the water problems by asking the Sevier County Utility District to take over the water and sewage disposal on English Mountain.

In order for that to happen, the ESCUD board would have to vote to allow the change.

It could cost more than half a million dollars to build new water pipes, which would likely increase water bills for customers.

The utility district says that the pipes and wells that were damaged last month have been fixed.

They are planning to use money from a rural development grant to fix more pipes. They hope to have that money in the coming months.

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"We've got plans in place, we've got grants in place, it's just getting it all together," said Janice Brooks-Headrick, commissioner for the ESCUD. "Clean, clear, fresh drinking water at all times, that's our goal."

Residents say that while they now have running water, the water pressure is often low and the water sometimes smells like sewage coming out of the faucet.

"We've got water every day, but I'm sorry, I don't trust it enough to drink it," Ronny Justice, an English Mountain resident, said.

Residents say they can only bathe and wash dishes when the water is clean and has a consistent pressure.

They are also angry that the utility billed them for a full months use of water last month when they couldn't drink or use the water for many days.

"I don't mind paying my fair share," Brenda Hendricks, a resident of English Mountain, said. "But don't you ever send me a bill when you provide no service."

The ESCUD will meet with residents on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.