A movie inspired by the short but inspiring life of a Sevier County boy premieres Friday night.

Regen Morris was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer when he was just 12-years-old. Doctors said his tumors grew like vines, making them incredibly difficult to treat. He died a year later, on Christmas morning 2013.

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During his battle, his story reached thousands of people through a Facebook page called "Rootin' for Regen." Local folks in the community and around the world rallied around the boy and his family.

That outpouring of support is documented in a movie called "Hammer: The Rootin' for Regen Story."

“Hope we show that in any situation, there is a silver lining and some good that can come out,” said Regen’s father Dan Morris.

That’s part of the message Dan Morris hopes to share with the world. It’s been four years since his son Regen passed - losing his battle with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Regen was only 12 years old.

For actors in the movie, it's a project they'll treasure.

"It really came to life for me, they're like our second family now,” said actor Kole Benfield.

And lessons they'll never forget.

"You’ve got to cherish the moments that you have with your family,” said Benfield.

In 2014 Gareth Laffely's music was used in Regen's memorial.
He's written a song dedicated to Regen and raised money to help kids going through treatment.

"We've recently raised $1,500 dollars for the St Judes Foundation and that's going to pay for a half day of treatment,” said Laffley.

For the people filling this theater Regen's story runs deep.
Inspiring them to do more and give more like Regen.

The faith-based film was directed by Jason Campbell, who learned about Regen's story when he visited the area.

"Someone came up afterwards and told me this beautiful story about this beautiful young boy that had passed away, and it literally moved me," Campbell told 10News in 2015.

The movie was shot in Sevier County in 2015, and many members of the community were involved in the project.

The premiere is set for Friday at 8 p.m. at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge. Premium tickets are $12.50, all other seats are $10.