KNOXVILLE, Tenn — A record number of travelers are on the road this summer, and many are overpaying for all that fuel, whether they're buying premium gas or not using money-saving gas apps.

While gas prices fell in the double digits between Memorial Day and July 4, down nearly twenty cents from July 2018, many drivers are still spending too much at the pump. 

More than 16 million drivers still unnecessarily waste more than $2 billion a year filling up with premium gas at the pump, according to AAA. 

A study by the organization showed no benefit to using premium fuel in cars designed to run on regular gas or cars that recommend but don't require premium.

So if you're using premium gas and really don't need it, you could save as much as $300 a year by making the switch, AAA said. 

"If you're paying attention to your vehicle, and you can tell a difference, then that's your preference, but AAA research found that most of the vehicles on the road do not benefit from that high octane gasoline," AAA Auto Club Group Public Affairs Dir. Stephanie Milani said.

Milani explained a better option is to use a fuel that meets Top Tier standards.

Top Tier gasolines have extra detergents in them to help your vehicle run cleaner and be more fuel efficient. The best part? They are available in regular unleaded gasoline so you get the best of both worlds.

Apps can also help you find the cheapest prices at a gas station near you.

Matthew Critchfield said he's saved nearly $120 by using GetUpside.

"I was very skeptical at first," he said. :Almost too good to be true. It's been awesome. It's been great."

To use the app, you just claim a current offer at a gas station near you.

Then, fill up like normal and print your receipt.

"Just snap a photo of your receipt. You process it, then we give you your cash back in about 24 hours," said GetUpside co-founder Wayne Lin.

Nearly 250 gas stations in Tennessee currently partner with the app, according to its website. It can be a win-win because gas stations see more traffic and drivers get cheaper gas.  

But it's not the only app that can help you save.

"Gas Guru is really good because not only can you get a really good price on the best prices on gas, you can also check and see where you have the cleanest restrooms," said U.S. Cellular retail sales manager Jennifer Simmons.

Gas Buddy, Waze, Google Maps and Mapquest can also help you save money while finding the best amenities and snacks on the road.

AAA now also offers a feature on its app that scores your driving, and your fuel efficiency.

"It will take points away for aggressive driving. That's important for insurance, but it's also important for fuel efficiency," Milani said. "If you're speeding up and stopping, it's going to take points away because that's not very fuel efficient."