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Scam alert: MPD warns citizens of rental property scam

The scam involves a suspect finding a property that is for sale or rent and posting it on social media.

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. — The Morristown Police Department is warning citizens to be careful after seeing an increase in scams involving properties. 

A suspect will find a property that is for sale or rent and post it on social media. Once the victim looks at the property, money is exchanged over a payment app, according to MPD. 

"Technology has given our community the ability to advertise and pay without ever having to do face-to-face transactions," MPD said. "In this type of scam victims are contacting suspects over social media, answering everything over text message or phone and sending money through third-party apps."

Some scammers have gone as far as giving the lockbox code to enter an apartment, MPD said. 

In most cases, the scammer asks for additional money before the victim can move in after the agreed amount is paid, according to MPD. 

MPD Detective Sergeant Michael Bacon said potential residents should meet the property manager at the property, call and verify the property is available if the property is owned by a company, check their sources and drive by the property. 

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