Saturday evening search and rescue teams in Fentress County ended recovery operations for Danny Hall, pending further guidance from the Fentress County sheriff.

Leaders say Hall went hunting for ginseng on October 14 and was reported missing by his girlfriend three days later.

Danny R. Hall
Danny R. Hall

“He was out there all the time,” Hall’s daughter Kimberly Evans said. “He knew it like the back of his hand.”

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Evans says her father hunted ginseng weekly and had worked in the area he 's missing from countless times.

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Despite Hall being reported missing nearly weeks ago, the search for him has been interrupted multiple times because of severe weather.

“We had a couple of storms and got multiple inches of rain, and as you see the terrain, its hard to get up and down these hills when its dry,” Fentress County Rescue Squad Captain Joe McGrogan said.

McGrogan when the search for Hall first started teams from multiple agencies were on hand with K-9 units, a drone and helicopters with heat detecting units. At first the K-9s were trained tracking animals. The K-9 unit on site Saturday was a cadaver dog.

“This is the only search I’ve been on that we haven’t concluded by now,” McGrogan

McGrogan says he doesn’t think Hall became lost, but rather he likely suffered a medical or physical incident.

Halls says her family is struggle to come to grips to the grim outlook.

“If he is passed, I know that the Lord’s got him. That’s the only thing that’s comforting and I know that everybody’s trying their best to find him,” Evans said.