TENNESSEE, USA — Update: 2:45 p.m.: AT&T’s Media Relations team told 10News Monday that the statewide outage for 911 calls from landlines has been resolved.

The company issued the following statement around 2:45 p.m.:

Service has been restored for customers in parts of the Tennessee area who may have been affected by a fiber cut caused by another company earlier today. We worked as quickly as possible to repair the damage and apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

Original Story 8:50 a.m.:

AT&T told several East Tennessee law enforcement agencies that it was experiencing a statewide outage for 911 calls from landlines Monday. 

An AT&T representative with the company's 911 resolution center said a fiber was cut, but the company is not sure where. 

Right now, AT&T says the outages are widespread and they are actively working to repair it, but are not sure how long it will take.

In a post to Facebook, the Kingston Police Department said that landline numbers that begin with 376, 717, and 316 will not be able to call 911 until AT&T resolves the problem. 

Those affected by the issue are asked to either use a cell phone or the non-emergency number at 865-354-8045 to reach 911. 

Kingston PD said other people in its area with cell phones or other landline numbers will still be able to make 911 calls. 

Hamblen County Dispatch told 10News that it is also experiencing issues with service for both cellphones and landlines and that if users are having the problem, they will get a busy signal. 

Instead of calling 911, Hamblen County asked that callers call its direct line at 423-585-2701.

Knox County Dispatch also told 10News it had heard from several callers who tried several times but couldn't get through. Supervisors at the dispatch center who tried testing it out were also having issues. Knox County Dispatch is getting calls on its non-emergency line from people trying to call 911. A non-emergency number for the department is 865-215-1132.

Anderson County said it is experiencing the issue and is causing some problems for the agency.

Sevier County said it experienced the issue for cell phone users as well.

McMinn County said it was experiencing issues with its non-emergency lines, but not 911 at this time. A representative from the sheriff's department advised people to call local law enforcement's non-emergency lines instead.

Monroe County said it hadn't yet had a 911 call, so it was not sure if it was experiencing the issue.

Several other counties said they had not heard of any issues, but it may be because they have not been getting calls and therefore wouldn't know. 

Those who said they were unaware include:













To reach AT&T's 911 resolution center call 1-800-553-2811.

This is a developing story. 10News will continue to update it as we receive more information.