SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. — Downtown Sevierville is expecting big changes during the next 18 months.

The Historic Downtown Streetscape Project has businesses excited about the new walkable and attractive downtown area.

Construction has already started at the corner of Bruce Street and Forks of the River Parkway.

Over at Graze Burgers, it's just hurry-up-and-wait for the project.

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"We're definitely excited about a new look downtown," General Manager JoAnna Ward said. "The end result is what we're focusing on."

Sevierville's Downtown Streetscape Project promises to make big changes to the downtown area.

Ward said that's exactly what the area needed.

"As a local, I have noticed we (have been) lacking for years," Ward said. "There's no real place for locals (where) you don't have to fight the traffic...It's just a great place for farmers market, and outdoor movies, and local businesses."

It'll take $6.7 million to bury the many power lines, expand the sidewalks, and renovate storefronts.

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But with the orange cones popping up, Ward said it could affect business.

"There might be parking issues, there might be dust at the front door issues, but we will find a way to work around it," Ward said.

President of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce Brenda McCroskey said the project has brought people back together.

"It's brought back the hometown feel and us just sitting around and talking and dreaming together, and that's just been very, very cool," McCroskey said.

She said the city will only lose about 15 parking spots and businesses have the long term in mind.

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"They see the future," McCroskey said. "They see that a little sacrifice is worth the reward, so they're committed. The city is committed. The businesses are committed. There's good publicity."

Ward said Graze Burgers and their neighboring businesses are hoping that downtown Sevierville will become the place to go for families both day and night.