A dog in need is getting help from Young-Williams Animal Center, but they are trying to raise money to pay for his extensive medical needs.

Pistachio was picked up in Knoxville by animal control as a stray. He had inflamed skin and open wounds on his back, probably from a chemical burn

The veterinary staff at YWAC immediately got to work cleaning the wounds and when they shaved the surrounding fur, they discovered the injuries were more severe than initially thought. The small dog actually had open wounds and inflamed skin midway down his back.

Vets gave Pistachio pain medication and special bandaging, and is now in a foster home for intensive healing. It will be a long road to recovery, including frequent medicated cleanings and bandage changes.

Even once he's healed, Pistachio's fur may never grow back in the areas where he was hurt.

The Animal Compassion Fund is started a campaign to raise money for Pistachio's medical care. They've almost reached the initial $2,000 goal, but you can still give here to help Pistachio and other animals in need.