KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Zenobia Dobson stood in front of a crowd on Sunday to honor her late son but also to encourage future generations in his memory.

"All this is based on stuff Zaevion liked doing," Dobson said. "Our kids are our future so it's important they are getting what they need."

Dobson's son Zaevion passed away back in 2015 after shielding friends during a shooting. 

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Sunday marked the 4th annual "Skate for Zae" event. 

"We want to remember Zaevion Dobson, we want to continue to honor the sacrifice that he made," Mayor Madeline Rogero said. 

The event was held at the Change Center. Since opening just a few months ago, the center has hired several teens from the Knoxville area. It is a gesture Dobson said really makes a difference.

"That's the greatest thing to know that our children are working and doing something they like doing, and for them to have a job here, that's awesome," she said.

It is a legacy she said her son would be proud of.

"All the time I think of him and it's like him in the back of my mind like 'Mom, go forward, make sure you provide for the kids in our community,'" she said.

With Zaevion in mind, Dobson said that is more than enough to keep going.

"I'm just honored to be Zaevion's mother, my heart to heaven love you, Zae," Dobson said.