A small amount of snow caused big problems for some in Sevier County.

More snow in the mountains has people like Ryan Lawyer wondering whether it's a winter wonderland, or something else.

“Kind of a frozen tundra,” he laughed.

Lawyer brought his family from central Florida to celebrate the new year in a Sevier County cabin. But they haven't been able to enjoy their rental.

“We weren't expecting the roads to be so slick as they are,” he said.

Ryan Lawyer brought his family from Florida to celebrate New Years Eve, but had a close call on slippery roads.

On New Years Eve, surprise snow meant conditions deteriorated quickly. On their way back from dinner, Laywer's pickup couldn't make it up the hill to their rental.

“Lost traction, started sliding backwards,” he said. “Luckily the back tire caught the dirt, and slung the entire truck 180 degrees.”

“It was quite scary,” he added. “My daughter is 18 months, and I had my fiancée and inlaws in the car with me.”

The family ended up staying in a hotel in Pigeon Forge, waiting for the roads to improve. Others found themselves in similar situations – the base of Gum Stand Road, off the Spur, was lined with cars that couldn't make the steep climb, even with just a small amount of snow on the ground.

An icy section of Gum Stand Road, just off The Spur.

“It's just enough to ruin everything,” said Gail Dawson, of Louisiana.

She and her husband traveled to Sevier County from near Baton Rouge. They were also forced to spend the night away from their rental property in a hotel.

“So this is being a very costly vacation,” she said.

With more family set to join them late Monday, she said if they couldn't reach the cabin, they planned to head home.

Those that could get around found less to do – Dollywood closed Monday because freezing temperatures meant they couldn't safely de-ice the walkways.

The park hopes to reopen Tuesday, and will close for the season on Jan 3.