Last year, the principal at South Knoxville Elementary School, Dr. Tanna Nicely, asked people to donate their unwanted football tickets and the response was incredible. This year she hopes for the same response.

"You can see the stadium from where we dismiss everyday," Dr. Tanna Nicely said.

After last year's disappointing 4-8 season, many fans chose not to even bother using their tickets towards the end of the season. The hashtag #EmptyNeyland was even popular on Twitter for a while.

Dr. Nicely took advantage of this negative situation and asked people to give her students those tickets.

"We have children here, especially in pre-k and kindergarten who have never been to a football game," she said.

With over 350 tickets donated last year, Dr. Nicely is hoping people will be willing to share again.

Dr. Nicely recently requested tickets for the Missouri game on November 17, 2018.

Zachary and Riley are brothers and they got they chance to see their first game last year and the memory is one they haven't forgotten.

"I like when they ran through and the people formed a 'T' on the field," Zachary said.

The boys said the people who gave them the tickets last year are now a part of their life.

"We're like really good best friends. I think it's cool because they were total strangers at first," Zachary said.

The brothers can't thank their principal enough.

"It's great because she doesn't have to do this for us," Zachary said.

Dr. Nicely said it's the least she could do for the kids.

"It's a great way to give back to those who may not have the opportunity to go to the game," she said.

The tickets that are donated will be used for younger kids who didn't get to go to a game last year.

If you want to donate your tickets to the Missouri game you can drop off or mail them to south Knoxville Elementary at 801 Sevier Ave, Knoxville, TN 37920.