A  SpaceX rocket carrying an experiment from Knox County students launched into space Sunday morning. 

A project from Bearden Middle School students was onboard the rocket. The team won the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program for their work on the effect of microgravity on the efficacy of antibiotics on a strain of the pink eye virus. The experiment will be performed by astronauts at the International Space Station.

The Bearden team, along with students from Vine Middle and Halls, traveled to Florida to watch the launch. Halls won second place in the experiment, but their project will not go to space. The Vine team’s project was selected for a later launch, scheduled in June.

The SpaceX Dragon was set to takeoff for the International Space Station at 10:01 a.m. Saturday, but was "scrubbed," or called off, in the middle of the launch countdown.

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