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Standing water from flooding could mean more mosquitoes

If the temperatures stay warm, mosquitoes could thrive in the pooling waters left by East Tennessee flooding.

With all the pools of water left by last week's heavy rain, mosquitoes could begin to thrive if the temperatures stay warm. 

It will need to stay warm for at least a couple of days for mosquitoes to start breeding in pools of water, but University of Tennessee expert Neal Denton believes it could be a possibility. 

He said while breeding can happen in even the smallest bodies of water, a burst of colder temps could slow down that timeline down. 

"Fortunately, it's supposed to cool down, but still with this much water -- we're gonna have more areas that are wet and prime for mosquito problems," Denton said.

He says homeowners should check fro any standing pools of water that may be remaining around their homes and to dig small trenches to drain the water if necessary. 

Typically, mosquitoes can hatch their eggs in temps approach 50 degrees -- which generally arrives at the end of March. 


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