Maryville — A mother told the principal of John Sevier Elementary on Thursday that her child had mumps-like symptoms, but had not yet confirmed that with a medical professional, Sharon Anglim, the Maryville City Schools communications director, said.

The school decided to send a letter to families about symptoms, Anglim said, because there are some students in the building who are not vaccinated for a variety of reasons.

You can view the letter below.

Mumps Letter by WBIR Channel 10 on Scribd

Principal Ginny Boles said in a statement from Maryville City Schools that the letter was sent to ensure everyone involved knew the details of the situation.

"Our school family includes students who are and some who are not vaccinated," she said in the statement. "The letter was sent to make sure everyone is fully aware of the reported situation and is watching out for signs that might warrant a visit to the family medical provider."

Dr. Heather Ledbetter, the coordinator of school health for the school district, was also told about the incident and shared the unconfirmed case with the local and regional health departments.

Health officials said the case was "unconfirmed" at this time, Anglim said.

The school also deep cleaned areas that were known to have been visited by the family who reported the potential case.

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