If you've been craving the vintage trailer park aesthetic of the 1960s and 1970s, Sweet P's Barbecue and Downtown Dive has something just for you!

The restaurant has revamped its patio area into a beer garden behind the restaurant. The area comes complete with nostalgic lawn chairs, benches, and a bar that's an old food truck painted to look like a Winnebago!

Owner Chris Ford said they wanted to create space that celebrated that particular vibe and time, but also serve as a place they could hold live events.

The retro-style bar plans to hold monthly concerts on Tuesdays as well as special events and more. 

The opening kicked off with 'Tuesday Night Live in the Trailer Park,' featuring music from artist Walter Salas-Humara. 

On Saturday, April 27 -- the Trailer Park will be hosting a celebration of New Orleans at the Jazz Fest and Feast, featuring a variety of artists and some traditional New Orleans food and drinks.