Knoxville city leaders announced a new plan Tuesday to connect downtown Knoxville to Fountain City by improving North Broadway.

The Broadway Corridor Task Force was assembled in 2014 to start brainstorming ideas on how to enhance and improve the area between Fifth Avenue and I-640. The organization is made up of the six neighborhoods in the area and the North Knoxville Business and Professional Association.

The changes would include sidewalks, landscaping, protected crosswalks and expanding the Broadway Shopping Center. No funding has been awarded to the plan yet and the Task Force is now looking for community opinions and comments on how to move forward.

“We know this is a 'dream big' plan and we know that everything's not going to happen, but if you don't envision it and talk about what your vision is, you won't ever get from A to B," said Lauren Rider of the Broadway Corridor Task Force.