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TDOT honors workers killed, raises awareness with National Work Zone Awareness Week

Since 1948, 112 workers for the Tennessee Department of Transportation have been killed in the line of duty.

This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week to remind folks on the roads to put move over and slow down for highway workers.

Since 1948, 112 workers for the Tennessee Department of Transportation have been killed in the line of duty.

Across the state, you'll see special displays to honor those workers including 112 orange cones lined up on the side of the interstate at I-640 near mile marker 8 in Knoxville. You'll notice other displays along I-75 at Exit 9 in Chattanooga, I-40/I-65 split near Demonbreun in Nashville, and 300 Benchmark Place in Jackson at the TDOT Regional Office.

Work zone safety messages will be displayed on TDOT’s overhead Dynamic Message Signs on interstates in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.

This Wednesday, April 11, is “wear orange day”. TDOT asks you show your support for National Work Zone Awareness by wearing orange. The Henley Bridge will also be lit in orange on Wednesday evening.

Work Zone Safety week also serves as a reminder that winter can slow down road work so crews will be ramping up all spring and summer long.

TDOT has asked motorists to take the "Work With Us" pledge by using #WorkWithUs.

Click here to open a printable copy of the pledge to fill out.

The Work With Us Pledge states: "I want to do my part to help every TDOT worker make it home to their families each night. By signing the Work with Us pledge, I promise to move over and slow down the TDOT workers and other first responders while driving on Tennessee roads."

Last year in Tennessee, 13 people died in work zone crashes, including workers, drivers and passengers.

“2016 was a tragic year for our TDOT family; three employees were struck and killed by passing motorists,” TDOT Commissioner John Schroer said. “We have hundreds of employees working on our highways each day. Safe driving is everybody’s responsibility and we need motorists to work with us by moving over and slowing down for TDOT workers or first responders working along our interstates and state routes. Please pay attention to signs, reduce your speed, and move over when possible.”

Here is a list of TDOT workers that had died in the line of duty since the late 1940s:

1949 Joe D. Dabbs

1950 H.E. Crowe

1952 Oscar W. Heck, William A. Eubank, C.M. Dunaway

1953 Roy E. Crutcher, W.F. Rouse, Arthur D. Greener, Roy C. Holmes

1954 Arthur Godsey, Arnold R. Lee, W.C. Butner

1955 S.D. Newman

1956 George Grove

1956 Charles J. Pursley

1957 Clarence Swanner

1958 W.E. Moore, James F. Hall

1959 Charles A. Bailey, Hix P. Lewis, James F. Hicks

1960 Thomas F. Garren, Eldy Byford

1961 Ralph Smith, William D. Robinson

1962 Guy A. Stephens

1963 George A. Knight, H.A. Shiflett, Ben F. Simmons, James W. Duncan

1964 Ross P. Southerland, Robert S. Neese, H.L. Nease, John A. Carroll, Clarence Alsup, Wallace P. Burnett

1965 James T. Austin, W.H. Smith, Dorris W. Hyde

1966 Rudolph A. Brown, Earl W. Lannom, Eugene E. Hardison

1967 Anthony C. McRay, Jr., Cecil Vickers, Jim A. Damron

1968 James Cromwell, Thurman Anderson, James E. Williams, Billy W. Thompson

1969 Harvey L. Condra

1970 Earnest H. Jones, Lebby W. McCulley, Roy F. Thompson, Lofton E. Gately, Curtis D. Hicks, L.U. Moore

1971 Floyd H. Miller, Win C. Shanks

1972 Raymond E. Wright, James E. Garner, W.Z. Travis, John O. McDivitt, Raymond J. Moredock

1973 James H. Russell, Dave Lehman, Jr., Jasper W. Young, Sr., Thomas B. Wilson

1975 Harold J. Austin, Richard W. Gammon

1977 Johnny J. Cain, James R. Simpson, James E. Lyons, Billy C. Griffin

1978 Trulen L. Brookshire, Mark D. Doughten

1979 Jesse W. Jackson, James R. Futrell

1980 L.R. Masengil

1981 Charles E. Marley

1982 David A. Welch

1983 Norris Cope, Jr.

1984 J.R. Wiser, Wesley H. Grimes, J.T. Tanner, Michael R. Austin

1985 Dewey A. Paschall, Clyde V. Lane

1986 A.T. Chadwell, Jr.

1987 Carl L. McGinnis, Loyd D. Cherry

1988 Ronald K. Brown, Franklin Powell, Sr.

1989 Steven W. Barton

1990 Michael A. Menzies, Don W. Howell

1991 G.G. Cortner, Michael C. Farley

1992 Benny H. Householder, Robert J. Pendergrass, Joe. E. Smith

1995 James A. Dunaway

1997 Sherman D. Payne

1999 Charles E. Greer

2000 James E. McNeece, Paul Herron

2005 Robert W. Fish, Jr.

2011 Robert Nowicki, Michael E. Dalton, Sr.

2013 Scott Jones

2016 James “Pee Wee” Hopkins, David Younger, J.R. Rogers