Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell wants to set new Medicaid work requirements.

Harwell filed a bill that directs the state to file a federal waiver to call for "reasonable" work requirements. That would be required for able-bodied, working age adults without children younger than the age of six.

On Thursday, Harwell had thanked President Donald Trump's Administration for announcing a path for states to seek similar work requirements to these.

On Friday, Kentucky became the first state since the White House's announcement to require Medicaid recipients to work to receive coverage.

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At this time, TennCare Medicaid can cover for children under 21, women who are pregnant or need treatment for cervical or breast cancer, and help a person living in a nursing home with an income below $2,205 a month.

This is a full list of those who are able to receive TennCare Medicaid at this time.