People across Knoxville celebrated as a Vol For Life was named the leader of Tennessee Athletics on Friday.

Students and VFLs say the move of putting former head football coach Phillip Fulmer in charge of the Athletics Department is putting the school back on track for success.

“Walking up and walking past Pat Summitt's statue knowing what she stood for, how she felt about this university and then going in here and hearing Coach Fulmer talk about this great university and what it means to wear the orange. Just a really happy day,” said former Vol Jayson Swain.

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Friday was the opposite feeling of Sunday's rally to stop UT from hiring Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano.

"We didn't win an SEC game this year, so I think people finally got fed up,” said UT student Cole Hughes.

"It's sad to see our school associated with so much negative publicity," said student Turner Matthews.

Fulmer's past success winning a national championship, SEC conference titles and division titles brings a confidence in his ability to hire the right coach.

‘You're talking about a Hall of Famer, a coach who coached during great times and during some tough times. So he knows how to get this place back and today we're definitely in a better spot,” said Swain.

Swain said he's thankful for fans that spoke up during this process.

"They’re the reason guys like myself, Vol legends, come back to this place to the atmosphere that they create," he said.

There's not timeline for when a new coach will be in place, but many are confident Fulmer is the right person to find the best coach for the job.