When Tennesseans head to the polls on Aug. 2, 2018, or during early voting, they will choose between either six republican candidates or three democratic candidates for governor.

The winners of each party will then move on to the general election in November.

With so many candidates, it can be hard to keep track of where they all stand on the issues, and who your views most align with. So we sat down with the leading six candidates to pick their brains on some of the issues most important, and sometimes divisive, in our state.

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The candidates

Diane Black (R)

Randy Boyd (R)

Beth Harwell (R)

Bill Lee (R)

Basil Marceaux Sr. (R)

Kay White (R)

Karl Dean (D)

Craig Fitzhugh (D)

Mezianne Vale Payne (D)

What sets them apart

We asked each of the leading six candidates what sets them apart from the others in their race. Here's what they said:

To legalize or not: marijuana

The six candidates have a wide range of approaches to the future of marijuana in Tennessee. Some refuse to legalize it in any way, while others say medical marijuana has a place in our state. One even wants to decriminalize it. See who matches your views:

Big business is booming

Whether it's Volkwagen assembly lines or Amazon's HQ2, many feel there's a place for big business in Tennessee. Here's what your candidates for governor have planned to draw major companies to our state:

Civility in the Country

Many feel there is a lack of civility in campaigns these days. We asked candidates for governor about their thoughts if they feel if that's the case.