Hurricane Michael slammed into Florida's Panhandle on Wednesday, Oct. 10, wrecking cities like Mexico Beach.

Colton Mulligan, a Tennessee native, was able to capture the aftermath as the sun came up on Thursday morning, Oct. 11.

"My dad and I walked maybe the first mile of Mexico Beach, through highway 98," he said. "Just going down there and seeing it, all the devastation worrying about their safety and then realizing what it's gonna take to rebuild their lives after that."

Mulligan's father owns the Mexico Beach Marina, and both of his parents just finished building their retirement home, which was uprooted and moved several feet during the hurricane.


"We were able to get multiple rental cars so some of my family went back to Knoxville, just to have a place to stay," Mulligan said.

He said his father spent Saturday, Oct. 13, pulling together the few things they were able to save, before making his way back to East Tennessee with a few other family members.

"It forces that crossroads of hopefully insurance money will cover a lot of it but at the same time, their entire lives down there were destroyed," Mulligan said.

After capturing over 30 minutes of video detailing the wreckage, Mulligan said he posted it for the world to see because it impacts so many people.

"To see that kind of incredible devastation, I think it's important for people to understand what the people of Mexico beach are going through," he said.

Hurricane Michael claimed the lives of at least 14 people left left over a million without power.

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