Mark your calendars! Tennessee's tax free weekend begins Friday, July 27, and runs through Sunday, July 29.

The tax-free weekend was created as a way to ease the financial burden of some large yearly purchases, such as back-to-school supplies and clothes.

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You won't pay any sales tax on purchases of clothing and school supplies of less than $100 and on computers that are less than $1500. You can get a full list of what's included, and what's not, here.

There's several other things to keep in mind as you make out your shopping list. Here's a list of frequently asked questions and answers from the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Question 1: If you pay for a layaway item during the sales tax holiday, will it be taxed?

According to the Department of Revenue if the purchase includes a tax-free item, it is tax exempt if you make your final payment during the holiday.

Question 2: Can you exchange a tax-free item for a different item of purchase?

The answer is yes! But that's only if you exchange the item for a similar, tax-free item this weekend. The Department of Revenue lists, sales tax will be added to any item of purchase or exchange after midnight on Sunday.

Question 3: Can you buy items out of town or out of state and still qualify for the sales tax holiday?

The answer is no. Remember, only purchases made from Tennessee retailers are tax exempt.

The deals will start at midnight on Friday and run through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.

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