After the 9/11 attacks, East Tennesseans gave the city of New York a fire truck to replace one of the dozens that were destroyed.

It was East Tennessee's tribute gift to New York City. In 2002, East Tennessee raised about one million dollars to buy an East Harlem fire station a new truck.

“East Tennessee is a very patriotic region and a very caring region,” Cherel Henderson, Director of the Museum of East Tennessee History, said. “We all became one. It united us as a nation when this all happened, and we wanted to help our brothers and sisters in New York.”

The truck was put to good use, making more than 4,000 runs a year. After ten years of service, the truck is now out of commission. But, parts of the freedom engine are on display at the East Tennessee History Center, including the truck's companion door.

The display will run through September 30.