The National Weather Service station in Morristown said it started tracking potential weekend snowfall about a week ago.

"Dan and I spent days looking at this and on Thursday we realized it was time to start communicating with our partners," NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist Anthony Cavallucci said.

Those partners include the Tennessee Department of Transportation, different utility companies, emergency services, school districts and the media. Cavallucci said the last few days were filled with a lot of conference calls to ensure everyone was on the same page.

"We issue winter weather warnings and thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings because we are here to protect life and property so don't take that lightly," he said.

But a big part of the NWS's message is to make sure people double check their information and whether or not their area will be affected.

"I always tell people make sure you are getting the whole story and you understand how much is actually going to happen," he said.

Dwayne and Kathy Oelrich saw information about tomorrow's weather and decided to head to Walmart in Morristown. They said while they aren't extremely worried about the weather, they always make sure a good amount of salt is on hand.

"We have a really steep driveway," Kathy said. "But in this area anytime they think there might be snow or ice, they go get bread, milk and eggs, the essentials."

Cavallucci said taking precautions is important and anyone affected by the weather tomorrow should plan ahead before going out.