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The top 5 places bugs could be hiding in your kitchen

Your kitchen gives bugs everything they need-- food, water and shelter. You never know where the creepy crawlers could be lurking.

People never want to find bugs in their home, especially in their kitchen. 

If you start to notice bugs scurrying across the floor, counter or sink, chances are they are living some place close by-- too close for comfort.

I found that out the hard way when I discovered roaches in my coffee maker. I contacted an exterminator to find out where else the pests could be living and how to get rid of them.

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Here are the top five place bugs could be living in your kitchen, according to Arrow Exterminator Robert Lane:

1. Small appliances

  • Appliances sitting on your counter like blenders, toasters and coffee makers are easy access to bugs. They are able to crawl in through the cracks on the item and have a hay day with the free food particles, warmth and water droplets that might be left behind.

Robert Lane explains how bugs can get in smaller appliances.

2. Big appliances

  • Bigger appliances like your oven, dish washer, fridge and microwave are also perfect breeding ground for roaches. Lane's tip is to make sure your bigger appliances are properly sealed because that's primarily where the bugs hang out.

Robert Lane describes the different places roaches could be hiding in big appliances.

3. Stored grocery bags

  • Lane says one of the biggest "no-no's" is to reuse plastic grocery bags. He says roaches usually hitch a ride from the grocery store and then live in the mass of saved grocery bags you probably keep in your pantry or beside your fridge.

Robert Lane explains how roaches love to nest in plastic grocery bags.

4. Behind the backsplash

  • You wouldn't usually think to check your backsplash in your kitchen for roaches, but Lane says his team has found the pests there multiple times while on calls. He says this location is especially tricky because it's hard to get behind there to check or clean. Lane also says to make sure that area is well sealed to prevent the issue.

Robert Lane explains how bugs could be hiding in your backsplash.

5. Under the sink

  • Lane says under your sink is an ideal place for roaches to be living because there are many pipes and wires leading from the outside in, and if not sealed properly, roaches can easily weasel themselves inside.

Robert Lane describes how roaches can enter your home through the sink.

Lane says there are many other places bugs and roaches could be hiding, and it's important to keep things clean, however he says the cleanest home in the world could still get an infestation if roaches are brought in from an outside source.

Lane also encourages you to call the professionals if you have an infestation. He says the problem will be taken care of efficiently and effectively.

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