The Tennessee Valley Authority is using dams around Douglas lake to make sure that water levels stay consistent.

The TVA says that across the Tennessee valley, we've seen over 200 percent of our normal rainfall over the last week.

Experts have turned their focus to containing all the extra water that we have that is now moving downstream using the dams across East Tennessee.

James Everett, one of the experts at the TVA River Forecast Center says that not all the water that is in the rivers comes from the state of Tennessee.

"A lot of people may not think about the water that flows through the Tennessee river, through Knoxville, through Chattanooga, through North Alabama. A lot of that water comes from western North Carolina, it comes from north Georgia, comes from southwest Virginia, comes from hundreds of miles away," said Everett.

Experts say that they try to have all 49 dams in the Tennessee Valley work together in a system to help reduce water flow in certain areas.

If any lake does get above the normal pool levels, then TVA looks to get the water levels of the lake back to normal within five to seven days.