The 3.8-magnitude earthquake felt in most of East Tennessee on Monday was one of the strongest to hit the area in more than a century.

According to the USGS, the quake was recorded just after 2 p.m. outside LaFollette in Campbell County. People reporting feeling it across the area.

Earthquakes in this part of Tennessee are very common, though many are so small people don't feel them.

The strongest earthquake ever recorded in East Tennessee was a 4.7-magnitude in 1973, with an epicenter in Alcoa.

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Top 10 magnitude earthquakes in East Tennessee (USGS)

4.7-magnitude in 1973 -  Alcoa

4.5-magnitude in 1928 - Greeneville

4.4-magnitude in 2018 - Decatur

4.2-magnitude in 1987 - Vonore

4.1-magnitude in 1956 - Claiborne Co.

4.1-magnitude in 1913 - Grainger Co.

3.8-magnitude in 1997 - Claiborne Co.

3.8-magnitude in 2020 - LaFollette

3.7-magnitude in 1995 - Monroe Co.

3.7-magnitude in 1979 - Monroe Co.

3.7-magnitude in 1984  - Corryton

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We live in the East Tennessee Seismic Zone, a band that stretches from northeastern Alabama to southwestern Virginia.  It's understood to be one of the most active quake zones in the United States.