Knoxville — When it comes to Tennessee football, the fans always have an opinion.

So we wanted to know yours: What are the top five worries you have going into the season opener this Saturday? Here's what we heard:

1. The month of October

"Playing Alabama and Auburn," said Vols fan Cole Wheeler. "It's going to be a tough month."

The tough schedule in general is also a big concern -- Georgia, Auburn, 'Bama and even the Saturday home opener against No. 14 West Virginia.

2. High expectations

"I'd say after several years of mediocrity, coach changes over and over again, that we would have another year that we would start off expecting too much and not enjoying the season for what it is," fan TJ Earl said.

He encourages fans to just enjoy the Big Orange -- and don't start with your expectations that are too high.

"It takes time," Earl said. "Just enjoy the season for what it is and take everything we can get."

3. The new coach

"It's always nerve-wracking when you have new coach coming," said fan Ryan Reed.

But we also heard from fans who say it's important to give Jeremy Pruitt time.

"I'm worried the fan base will scare off the coach, said Bruce Wigder.

And on our Facebook page, Stef Ramsey said she's worried about how fast fans will turn on Pruitt.

4. Glass half empty

"Really, a better question is what am I not worried about?" said Ryan Read. "I think that we should just be nervous for the whole season really."

5. The diehard

But for every pessimist, there's a diehard fan.

"I'm not worried about a thing. Not a thing," said Billy Vittetoe.