Five dogs, two cats and a snake were rescued from a home in Blount County in what animal control leaders called the worst case of animal abuse they had seen.

Some of those animals recovered with foster families and have seen been reunited with forever homes, but one dog needs a little extra work.

Petunia, a 2 to 3-year-old hound mix was the most emotionally scarred dog rescued.

At the shelter, she wouldn't let workers get close to her for days, but now she's living with a trainer and learning how to be a dog again.

"What I'm working with her on now is basic obedience. She's learning just basic manners, sit, down and heel walking and that sort of thing," trainer Becky Jones said.

Jones works for Off Leash K9 training. Petunia will live with her for two weeks and be trained.

Typically the service costs $2,800, but Petunia's case is special.

"The Blount County Animal Center reached out to Fallon, who's our regional director and she contacted the trainers here in Knoxville to see who would be willing to help," Jones said. "I didn't hesitate."

Since taking Petunia in on Friday, Jones says she has progressed, although slower than most dogs. However, Jones has seen measurable growth on her journey back to acting like a normal dog.

"She kinda came out of her shell. Once I got her in the house she was a little bit wild," Jones said. "She's running around the house and happy to see us when we come home and that sort of thing. I think she knew she was safe. I think she knew that her ordeal was finally over."

Although Petunia started out not even fit to recover with a foster family, Jones expects that she'll be ready for adoption at the end of her two-week training program.