By many accounts, pre-treatment by the city of Knoxville and Knox County kept many main roads clear through Tuesday’s snow storm.

Now, new numbers released detail the response.

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Between one and two inches of snow fell in Knox County on Tuesday. Before the storm began, the city rolled 13 employees and six brine trucks to prevent ice on the roads. Those crews laid down 28,000 gallons of brine.

A Knox County plow clears roads in West Knoxville.

Knox County used 70,000 gallons of brine.

As the storm strengthened, the response increased as well. 75 city employees and 22 salt trucks laid down nearly 1,000 tons of salt. 50 tons of that was used to make brine.

Knox County has 22 people working Tuesday, and used approximately 600 tons of salt.

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Together, city employees covered 1,800 lane-miles of road – about the distance from Knoxville to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Work continued to clear back roads on Wednesday.

All together, workers for the city of Knoxville logged 2,000 labor hours, and officials spent $90,000 on materials and equipment – all numbers that show fighting winter’s worst is neither cheap or easy. Both the city and county budget for winter weather response.