Two Knox County correctional officers were officially fired this week for “violating jail rules and regulations,” the sheriff’s office confirmed to WBIR 10News.

Spokeswoman Martha Dooley said Taylor Isaacs and Chris Bayless were dismissed from the force, but declined to provide any further information.

But, she did say their terminations were not tied to Bradley D. Frey, also a former correctional officer.

Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones said his office was still investigating the matter and also declined to comment.

in letters sent Aug. 19 to Isaacs, 26, and Bayless, 28, the sheriff said the investigation "regarding your immoral, unethical and disgraceful conduct" has been completed.

"This investigation found that you conducted yourself in a manner that was notoriously disgraceful and of such a nature morally and ethically that rendered you unsuitable as an employee," Jones wrote.

The sheriff did not say what the officers did.

The letter stated that the officers had three days to appeal. They did not, so they're last day of employment was Aug. 29. However, the sheriff had previously suspended both of them on Aug. 19 without pay. They each earned around $30,300.

Jones also disciplined Isaacs earlier in July, sending him letter of reprimand after he didn't tell his supervisor he would be tardy.

Jones said the jailer responded in a way "that was not only unprofessional, but was also disrespectful and insubordinate."

Frey, who is accused of buying steroids from an inmate, faces three counts of official misconduct.

Frey’s case dates to early August when Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen asked the TBI to investigate.

Agents with the agency's Drug Investigation Division and the Sheriff's Office says he purchased dianabol, a frequently used oral anabolic steroid. Its chemical name is metandienone.

Frey met the inmate while working as a correctional officer, TBI agents said.

Dooley said the TBI investigation involved only Frey and it was a single incident.

Official misconduct refers to illegal conduct by a public employee in his or her work capacity.