KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — The Knoxville Fire Department, AMR and the Knoxville Police Department responded to a water rescue at Fort Dickerson Park.

The call came in around 3:04 p.m.

KFD said they found two males, one identified as a teen by dispatchers, had jumped off one of Blount Avenue quarry's rock faces into the water -- injuring themselves.

First responders found the two on an embankment. Neither suffered life-threatening injuries, and both were taken to the ER for evaluation. 

One of the victims had been immobilized as a precaution and pulled up off the embankment with a rope and rescue basket. KFD said it took about an hour to complete the rescue.

KFD is asking people to follow the law and not to take any unnecessary risks this summer when having fun at the quarry lake. 

The Blount Avenue quarry is notorious for people illegally cliff jumping and sustaining injuries or dying each summer, and the city has tried many times in the past to discourage thrill-seekers with signs, barriers and increased police presence.

Anyone caught trespassing beyond the posted warnings or jumping from the cliffs could face citation or arrest.

Fort Dickerson Quarry

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