A goose in Sevierville has proved difficult to catch, even though it has an arrow sticking out of its torso.

Concerned citizens first spotted the injured animal over the weekend at the Memorial River Greenway. They noticed it had an arrow piercing its torso. 

"I'm not going to lie, I cried," said Katrina Hayes. "I thought, 'Who could do this to a poor animal?'" 

On Tuesday, an officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency searched for the animal and found it along the banks of the Little Pigeon Forge River. 

"I noticed the fletching on the arrow sticking out of the goose, and I knew right then that was, that was the one even though it was in a large group of other geese," TWRA Wildlife Officer Gene Parker said. 

So far they haven't been able to catch the goose because it keeps flying away when anyone gets close to it.

Despite the arrow in its side, the bird doesn't appear to be in any pain, according to TWRA. 

"I hope that it gets to someone who can take the arrow out, and you know, maybe help rehabilitate it," Hayes said.

They are considering trying to catch it in the evening instead.