KNOXVILLE — This holiday season, it's not deck the halls--it's "deck the Vols."

With basketball team success and Christmas on the way, sales of UT gear are spiking across Knoxville.

At HoundDogs on Kingston Pike, manager Jesse Thomason says customers are stacking and he's had to pack dozens of online orders.

"Regardless of how the team is doing, it gets busy during the holidays because every Vol fan wants some Vols stuff for Christmas," he said.

The best selling item is their line of orange and white checkered overalls. They've sold about 400 this year.

"It's not just your every day fan just wearing those overalls, that's what blows my mind about them, they sell no matter what," Thomason said.

They've sold about 400 pairs this year.

And while there won't be any bowl tickets in stockings this year, the biggest little fans aren't deterred. Patrick Sheets, a ninth grader, went shopping with his mom for his Christmas list today.

"I've seen a few clocks, some t-shirts and things, a lot of different things to hang on my wall," he said.

And it's not enough to just decorate yourself. They have lights and Christmas ornaments too.

"Even an orange and white Christmas tree skirt," Thomason pointed out. "You definitely, gotta have that around your tree."

With Vols everything on offer, if you really do it right, the holidays won't be red and green. They'll be orange and white.