The University of Tennessee said in the last eight years the number of students seeking counseling services has gone up tremendously.

"It's not just here, it something ballooning all across the country," Counseling Center Director, Paul McAnear, said. "And it might be the fact that we've worked to educate students and encourage them to come forward with what they are facing."

The increase in students is something he said most schools were quite prepared for. At UT, McAnear said it can be difficult for students to have access to certain services on a consistent basis bu that is something the university is already working to change.

"Probably where we failed not only here but nationally is anticipating the number of students who might want help or need help," McAnear said.

That plan includes hiring another staff member by 2019 and making sure students know about other resources they can take advantage of in the meantime.

"It's just the challenge of the volume coming in and the resources that are available so we're constantly trying to tweak our resources to make more available,"

The Student Government Association at UT said it also plans to keep pressing the importance of mental health. It is currently drafting a bill on new ideas to go to senate next week.

"Making sure students are aware we are here for you,we support you and we are going to be here for you as volunteers," Student Services Director, Maddie Stephens, said.

SGA encourages any students looking for immediate help to contact 974-HELP.