As the search for the University of Tennessee's next football search continues, fans are having a tough time keeping up with who is next on the list.

Sean McDougle, a Vol fan, said, "I just follow on Twitter, follow talk show show personalities, Googling Tennessee football coach every 30 minutes to see what comes up."

The search has intensified this week as a plethora of names have been tossed out as potential hires, but no one has agreed to the job as of Wednesday night.

The hiring process took a turn on Sunday when reports surfaced that Tennessee was working on a deal with Ohio State Defensive Coordinator Greg Schiano. Vol Nation voiced opposition on social media and protested the choice in front of Neyland before talks with Schiano fell through.

Other reports shifted attention to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy, then Southern Methodist University's Chad Morris, and Purdue's Jeff Brohm.

As of Wednesday night, sources confirm to WBIR that the search has now turned to North Carolina State's Dave Doeren.

With the search changing so quickly this week, 10News polled Vol fans on Market Square to see if they could keep up by matching the coach's name with their picture.

When shown a picture of Greg Schiano who was all the talk Sunday, Leslie Templin said, "How do you say his name? The no, Shu-nay-o, or however you say that. Schiano, yea, yea, he's a no-go."

Mike Gundy was the subject of the search Tuesday. Templin said, "Oh, the mullet guy. What's his name? I just know him by the mullet guy."

Chad Morris was briefly mentioned Wednesday morning. When shown a picture of Morris, Brandon Wimbley said, ""I don't know who that is."

Tennessee talked with Jeff Brohm on Wednesday about becoming its next head coach, but did not offer him a contract. When Vol fan Sam Wudel saw a picture of Brohm, he said, "Brohm, the guy of today, well, a couple of hours ago."

Now that the search has turned to Doeren, Vol fan Shawn Martin said he didn't have a clue who Doeren was when he looked at his picture, even though he may be the talk of tomorrow.

McDougle said he, like many other fans, are trying to be patient with the process, but it's hard hearing so many no's for a program that they love so much.

"It's a whirlwind, a bunch of emotions, high high's and low low's," McDougle said. "Hoping for the best and expecting the worst at this point."