On Friday VFL Peyton Manning recognized the achievements of four students with a special scholarship in his name.

Emma Hall, Grace Neiman, Sydney Peay and Blake Turpin were awarded the scholarship during a ceremony on UT's campus. They join less than 50 other students in the elite group honored by Manning over the past 20 years.

The scholars were joined by family and other UT educators, including Chancellor Beverly Davenport. She thanked Manning for his continued involvement and encouragement of current students.

"People love this university for so many reasons, but I love it because I get to see people who start out exploring so many things, but they get to meet people who believe in them and who believe in them early on," said Davenport. "So thank you Peyton, thank you for believing in these people."

Over the past 20 years, Manning has recognized 33 students with this scholarship. Today he not only honored those students, but offered them advice from a true Tennessee Volunteer.

"If you do everything in your power to give your all for Tennessee every day, today will be just one of many landmark days for you, and you will represent the spirit of the volunteer to the best of your ability," Manning told them.