KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Bassmaster Classic is expected to bring about 140,000 people to Knoxville this weekend.

Visit Knoxville estimates the economic impact to be about $20 million. 

Plus, there are several St. Patrick's Day events happening downtown Knoxville throughout the weekend.

"About 60 percent of our guests this weekend are here in one way or fashion for something to do with the fishing tournament so it’s great for all the hotels and shops in town, but I think it’s also big for the city of Knoxville," Ken Knight, the general manager of Crowne Plaza, said. "This is one of those events that really puts you on the map for big time events." 

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It did put Knoxville on the map for out of town visitors. 

"We actually really like it, we like the weather, traffic around here ain't too bad, not like Boston," said Tony Binkauski of Massachusetts. 

 "What's really neat is coming to the local communities and seeing all the different restaurants, the shops, the stores, and the historic areas  like this... this is gorgeous. This is great," said Travis Mason of Philadelphia. "And obviously they are setting up for the big St. Patrick's party, and the festivities this weekend, but combine that with the Bassmaster Classic, and I think it's going to be a big weekend for the town."  

There are temporary road closures downtown on Gay, Market and Union streets for St. Patrick's Day events and construction.