The list of candidates has grown and shrunk faster than you can tweet out a name. Not to mention, Phillip Fulmer, not John Currie is now in charge of finding the Vols next coach.

Fans are confident with Fulmer leading the search, but that doesn't mean it's been any easy wait.

"There's nothing you can do but wait to see who's going to be the next head coach,” said one exhausted student.

Compounding that search are the many jobs across the country that have come open and been filled in the time the Vols began their search. ESPN reports 19 jobs have come open this year and 12 of them have been filled with new coaches.

Fox Sports Knoxville host Russell Smith says there's a clear reason why Tennessee couldn't act quickly.

"The main things those other schools had that Tennessee didn't have is preparedness,” Smith said.

Tennessee's athletics officials say they're looking for the right fit.

"You know what the right fit is for a place like Tennessee, somebody who wins. That’s all you want at the end of the day,” Smith said.

Reports Wednesday night were that Fulmer was working to close a deal with Alabama Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.

Smith says that option could be a good move to get the Vols back on track after a historically bad season.

"I think Fulmer is looking at what's working in this conference right now and it's that tough minded defensive approach, and I think he wants to emulate that,” Smith said.