Support continues to pour into Sevier County from all over the country for families who lost everything the devastating fires.

One organization called All Hands Volunteers started their recovery work Saturday morning to help families start to rebuild and sift through what is left of their homes.

We tagged alongside one of their teams today to hear more about their recovery efforts.

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A handful of volunteers with the group cleared debris and sifted through ashes at a home on Greystone Heights. They were hoping to find a few treasures or keepsakes that could be salvage from the middle of the rubble.

“That’s why we are all here on this planet, to help each other," said the home's owner, Craig Gibbs.

He said it was hard to accept their assistance at first, but he’s happy to have the extra help.

“They are all going to become family because they are all over here groveling in my ashes," Gibbs added. “We are digging things out that are mementos."

Gibbs was visibly upset as he talked about what he went through and the devastation that remains. His emotions are a sign of a long road ahead, but one that’s full of people willing to help, just like the volunteers with 'All Hands.'

“It’s all about helping the guy next to you," said Jonathan Falk, a volunteer with the group. “We are going to be doing multiple homes a day and trying to help as many people as we can."

For those who normally would do the cleaning themselves, like Gibbs, it’s a blessing to know strangers are willing to lend a hand.

“It’s really a muck down there and yet these people are willing to do what they are doing for nothing," Gibbs added.

'All Hands,' is asking for volunteers and would love as many as possible to make a strong impact in Sevier County.

For more information on volunteering, you can click here.

You can also check out their Facebook page here.