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Heavy turnout, equipment shortages, broken machines reported at some Knox County voting locations

Shoreline Church on Westland Drive experienced broken voting machines, according to the Knox County Election Commission chief.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Voters, candidates and election officials reported heavy turnout and scattered equipment problems Tuesday at some Knox County precincts.

A combination of greater than expected Tuesday turnout and problems with scanners or not enough printers contributed to lines at several precincts, especially in West Knoxville.

State Rep. Gloria Johnson, a District 90 Democrat running for reelection against Republican challenger Dave Pozy, said slowdowns also were occurring at voting locations being used as split precincts -- meaning one site was hosting voters from differing precincts.

Shoreline Church on Westland Drive also saw broken voting machines Tuesday morning, according to Knox County Election Commission Administrator Chris Davis. 

Davis told 10News that techs were dispatiched to fix them, and they were expected to be fixed about noon.

Voting continued at the location. Voters just faced a longer wait. 

This story is ongoing and we will continue to update you as we learn more. 

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