Knoxville — Thousands of people showed up at the Knoxville Convention Center on Thursday to audition for America's Got Talent, and they were so much fun!

We got the chance to see many of the acts before they were called in to audition for the producers, and many of them shared their special skills with us. You can see it all in the videos below!

Almost everywhere you looked at the America’s Got Talent auditions in Knoxville, you’d see a singer and a guitar. You’ll want to hear this story though. Born in Haiti, Jean Beaudelaire has overcome hardship his whole life. His path forward has always been paved by his love for music.

Some of the talent on display was a little more…unique. There is perhaps no single performing duo that fits this category better that Chad Fountain and his dog Gozer. It’s a duet of sorts: music and canine acrobatics. It’s a performance you have to see to believe.

Before they audition, acts mingle and warm up together. Most bring about applause, but only one left everyone with a smile. Meet The Dancing Trucker, John Drury. He’s not afraid to be himself, especially if it means inspiring others.

Not every talent takes years and years of work, this Jefferson County native found his instrument in the back of his pantry. He’s been practicing for three weeks and is hoping his “Spamjo” will win over the AGT judges.

Precious Opal
Opal "Precious Opal" Dragneel sings at America's Got Talent auditions in Knoxville.

There were a lot of singers that audition, but Opal "Precious Opal" Dragneel was one of a kind. The singer lost her hearing as a child when a gunshot went off next to her ear at a shooting range. She was unable to speak for about four years, and was afraid she'd lose her gift of singing. She's overcome it all, learning how to talk and sing again, use sign language and read lips, and she can sing by feeling the vibrations of her voice through the ground.