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10Listens: Why did the water in Fountain City Park lake turn bright blue on Tuesday?

Knoxville leaders said the color came from a dye used to prevent algae from growing in the lake.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — On Tuesday, a viewer called and asked why the water in the lake at Fountain City Park had turned a different color. For seemingly no reason, the water transformed into an electric, bright blue color.

Knoxville leaders said that the color was likely a result of a dye their vendor uses in the water to prevent algae from growing. They said it's used as an alternative to potentially harmful chemicals. 

They said the hotter temperatures could have caused the color change to be more pronounced.

While the city took over ownership of the park and lake around a year ago, they have been working to treat and maintain the water for much longer — around 8 years.

"We've put in, over the years, $750,000 just for the lake and water improvement," said Sheryl Ely, the director of parks and recreation in Knoxville. "Last year, [we] put in another $250,000 for the playground."

Work on the playground at the park is in the process of finishing up, she also said.


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